Money Tree

Money Tree (owned by Accutech) provides wealth managers, independent advisors, and financial planners with the most robust financial planning software and calculation engine in the wealth management space to grow their practices.

About the project

Accutech came to my team shortly after acquiring Money Tree in mid-2019. Accutech’s goal after the acquisition of Money Tree was to improve and innovate their software, website, and branding. My team and I started with creating a new logo and setting some brand colors and fonts in place. Our goal was to bring the brand a bit closer to Accutech. We wanted Money Tree to feel like a sister site to Accutech, so we borrowed certain elements from Accutech’s brand. After we set a basic design system in place, we focused on redesigning the site. Money Tree had a lot of great content on their website, it needed better organization and flow. After a thorough review of the content, we were able to create a more user-friendly experience that allows site visitors to quickly and easily find what they need.