Dental Career Connect

Dental Career Connect is a brand new (soon to be launched) online tool that connects dental professionals seeking work with practice owners and managers seeking new team members. Through the use of an onsite chatbot, information is collected from job seekers. The chatbot then matches and suggests jobs to jobseekers. Practice owners and managers can post jobs through the use of an online account. The jobs are shared and sent to any potential candidates that match the criteria. If an applicant has shown interest, employers can contact and manage applicants through their account.

About the project

Dental Career Connect has been a project that I have worked on over the past two years. The client came to my team with an idea and nothing else. We started by brainstorming and building a "pie-in-the-sky" wireframe prototype and running some user tests and surveys for a proof of concept. Once the client felt comfortable that the idea had legs, we went through another round of prototyping. This time we worked to scale back features and create an MVP version of the software. We also worked with the client to develop a name, logo, branding, marketing plan & content strategy. The project is currently in development, and we are hoping to launch sometime in late summer 2020. Below you will find a sampling of both the marketing site designs and the product interface designs.