A Little About Myself.

Design may be my passion, but I am more than just a designer.

My Resume

Nice to Meet You!

It's always nice to get to know someone beyond their profession, so here's a little about me.

I grew up on the westside of Indy and graduated high school in 2007 from Ben Davis. After high school, I attended Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI. This is where I found my calling to be a designer. Since I was a child, I have always loved making, crafting, drawing - basically anything that allowed me to explore my creativity. Fast forward to my adult self, and I'm still wildly passionate about making. When I'm not designing, you can find me crafting, DIYing, doodling, or taking on huge home projects with my fiancé.  

Beyond my creativity and passion for making, I am also a hardcore dog mom - hardcore in the sense that I buy my dogs hats and dress them up for Halloween and other such nonsense. I also love to travel! I have been to nine different countries and hope to keep adding to my list.

My fiancé, our two rescued pit bulls, Pig-Pen and Princess Vespa, and I currently live in Garfield Park. Our home is 100 years old, and we are continually doing work on it, but it's our little slice of paradise in this crazy world.

My Values

Always Be Learning.
I am always looking for ways to challenge & improve myself, which is why I love working with new people & taking on new challenges. With every new challenge is an opportunity to grow.

Be Flexible.
If there is anything I've learned & hold true, it is to be flexible. Working with clients & on cross-functional teams, people are always improving ideas & pivoting. As a designer & a leader, it is important to be able to handle the curveballs as they are thrown.

Embrace Your Creativity.
We all need a creative outlet of some sort, otherwise, we'd go insane! When I'm not designing, I'm doing DIY projects around my home. I love working with my hands & trying to push my creative boundaries through sewing, painting, sculpting, & building..

Never Be Too Serious.
Everyone needs to cut loose sometimes & crack a few jokes. I love to laugh & try not to take myself too seriously. I believe life should be enjoyed to the fullest & sometimes that means a few fart jokes every now & then.

Pet All The Dogs.
I'm not sure if this counts as a value, but dogs make everything better so I think we should pet as many of them as possible. Dogs are kind, happy and loyal. They bring joy and help us take a step back from the craziness that we call life. So, pet all the dogs.

Two Heads Are Better Than One.
While this may be a cliche saying, it really rings true. Especially working in a creative field. Collaboration is a keystone of my process. It is an opportunity to not only grow myself but also creates a better solution to whatever problem is being solved.