Smart Path

Indy Chamber created Smart Path for local business owners and entrepreneurs. It is an online resource hub to help local entrepreneurs start, grow, or expand their business. The resources range from simple articles to business coaches to events. Smart Path was also created to help international companies find resources and information on how to move their company or open a new location in the Indy area.

About the project

When Indy Chamber came to our team with this idea, we immediately fell in love with the idea. After several rounds of mind mapping, brainstorming, and prototyping, I presented a preliminary prototype to a group of Indy business owners and influences. After gathering valuable feedback, we were able to verify most of our assumptions. From there, we worked on building a friendly and approachable visual brand system. We didn’t want the resource to feel too stiff since this is a tool that is meant to be used by new business owners and seasoned business owners alike. This project is currently in development, and we hope to launch it later this summer (2020).